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Roulette 3" 8ct.

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Conrad 3" Craw 8ct.

The most realistic 3" crawdad lure on the market. "CONRAD" has a flawless 3-dimensional profile, and long antennas that float and sway to entice even the weariest bass. Made with a specially formulated, soft, ultra high floating plastic which yields a natural feel and life-like movement under water. Developed with a unique concave underside for effortless hook sets. The "CONRAD" is impregnated with the Hybrid formula of "HOT SAUCE GEL" brand fish attractant for real taste and smell. "CONRAD" is available in an array of solid and laminated fish catching colors. Tournament anglers as well as weekend bass anglers find the "CONRAD" to be a permanent tool in their bass fishing arsenal. Whether you are Texas rigging, Carolina rigging, split-shotting, Drop Shot, pitching, or sight fishing the versatility of the "CONRAD" will make it a permanent fixture in your tackle box as well.