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Hybrid Lizard 6" 9 ct.

The Hybrid Lizard has quickly worked its way up the ranks and is now considered to be one of the top lizards in its class. Fisherman everywhere who were tired of the same old generic lizard that every company makes, cried out for something better. Only Edge Products heard their cry and rose to the occasion. Fisherman wanted more detail, more movement, and higher floating plastic. A fresh look on a time tested design. The Hybrid Lizard delivered. Exclusive Sheppard Hook (tm) arms and tail design which flutter with the slightest movement. A ribcage belly for added water displacement and texture. With the same special formula, high floating plastic, which all the Hybrids have. Then of course the scent and flavor of the Hybrid Formula that puts the Hybrid Lizard in a class all it's own.

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