Pumpkin Pepper 6" 12ct. SL1900 View larger

Pumpkin Pepper 6" 12ct. SL1900

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Slate 6" Worm Paddletail 12 ct.

Slate is a worm designed specifically for the serious bass fisherman. Those fishermen who aren't afraid to cast into those places were they might loose some tackle. Those who rely on location and presentation not luck. Slate was designed to withstand the rigorous demands of being in the sticks, in the rocks, or in the grass without compromising any of its natural movement or feel. A 6" worm with a faceted texture that gathers light only to reflect it in every direction. Slate contains the ultra high floating plastic that the Hybrids are famous for giving this worm a unique stand up presentation. A large head for hook holding ability counterbalanced by a paddle tail for maximum movement that's under control. As versatile as they get, Slate can be Texas rigged, Carolina rigged, split shotted, drop shotted, or free lined as a swimming worm. Available in an array of solid and laminated colors, "Slate is not cut from the same mold."(tm)